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At Speakers Only Inc. in Calgary, AB, we offer a unique alternative in today's disposable society. Instead of throwing your speakers in a landfill, our specialists can give it new life by repairing it!

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Count on our skilled team to fix your home entertainment or professional audio system. Do not throw away your prized possession. Remember that all components of your sound system are repairable or replaceable.

Our Services

Speakers Only Inc. provides a wide range of services, including repairs, reconing and diaphragm replacement, surround, dust cap and tinsel lead repair, cross over and binding post repair or replacement. We also recover speaker grills.


"I just wanted to thank you for all of the work you’ve done for me in the last few years. Your work with the speakers at NMC and at Cantos before that. Pat, you have been such a great help. I particularly appreciate the work you did with the speakers for the Rolling Stones Mobile truck. There were some challenging issues that you figured out and you really came through for me! All the best, and thanks again for all the help​"
John Leimseider

"In my opinion Patrick Worsley of Speakers Only in Calgary, Alberta is the most knowledgeable and skilled speaker tech in Canada. He has done numerous repairs and recones for me and all of them were top-notch. I would recommend Pat highly for anything speaker related and can speak about his character and work ethic in glowing terms after an association of over 40 years"

Jack Lavin
Founding member and former bassist of Powder Blues

"​I met Patrick roughly ten years ago when I was looking for new drivers for my old speakers. I told Patrick that I like to play it loud, therefore I needed drivers to handle big power and lots of volume. Patrick set me up with all new drivers for a great price, and I played the thing loud for ten years without a problem. Well the amp broke down and I decided to buy a more powerful one, a real beast from the past with awesome power. I again reached out to Patrick told him the story and my new problem of failed tweeters. He had a look at my dead tweeter evaluated my woofer, mid range and cross over. At this point he could have talked me into expensive replacements, but he didn’t. He said let's upgrade your cross over from the ones you have, replace the tweeters and you should be good. Well again Patrick was right on the mark, I am enjoying great sound for a great price. If you have problems with speakers in your sound system, spend your money wisely and go see Patrick at Speakers Only".

Thanks Patrick
Darryl George

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